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Meaford Hospital Needs

Highest Priority Needs

Each year our Hospital needs new and replacement medical equipment. The Meaford Hospital Foundation is asked to raise funds for these important needs. The government doesn't pay for most new medical equipment. It's only through the caring support of the community that we continue to have a well-equipped hospital.

Over the years the Meaford Hospital Foundation has, through the generosity and support of its donors, been able to provide funding for capital equipment at the Meaford General Hospital.

Just to give you an example:

  • 2006/07 - $851,000 (includes PAC, MRI)
  • 2007/08 - $764,205 (includes MRI, PACs, C-Arm)
  • 2008/09 - $273,402 (includes MRI, PACs)
  • 2009/10 - $637,000
  • 2010/11 - $467,000
  • 2011/12 - $382,000

Current Needs

Family Health Centres

Number Required: 1
Funds Needed: $125,000.00

Support for the North East Grey Family Health Centre is ongoing. Thornbury Medical Centre is complete Meaford Medical Centre is in process


Number Required: 1
Funds Needed: $5,000.00

Continuing support of staff education is cruital in this day and time due to ever changing capital equipment needs, technique/technology changes and process improvements.


Number Required: 1
Funds Needed: $6,500.00

The Meaford Hospital Foundation supports the chaplaincy program.

Emergency Department

Number Required: 1
Funds Needed: $141,882.00

Equipment and Improvements in Meaford Hospital Emergency Department. - ER Triage Renovation ($75,582) - Portable Ultrasound Machine ($51,000) - Monitor for Trauma ($15,300)

Medical Surgical - Beds

Number Required: 1
Funds Needed: $24,741.00

Needs (Includes Day/Night Care) - Hi/Lo Beds ($24,741)

Patient - Vitals Monitors 300 Series

Number Required: 3
Funds Needed: $8,323.00

A vitals monitor is a medical device that, once properly attached to a person, counts the number of times a person's heart is beating per minutes and observes respirations to determine how many beaths the person is taking during a specific time period. Information such as heart rate measurement, respiratory rate, temperature and blood pressure is provided. It may also provide an alarm when any of the vitals being monitored fall outside of normal parameters. • Noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP), pulse rate and MAP • Optional—SureTemp® Plus Thermometry, Masimo or Nellcor pulse oximetry and integrated thermal printer • Supports adult, pediatric and neonatal patients • Simple to use—LCD display facilitates menu navigation • Includes automatic blood pressure mode, programmable alarms, built-in memory capability and intuitive icons • Lightweight and portable, with a variety of mounting options

Medical/Surgical - Therapeutic Surface

Number Required: 1
Funds Needed: $15,300.00

First Step all in one therapeutic surface ($15,300)

Food Services - Dishroom Floor

Number Required: 1
Funds Needed: $12,032.00

Removal and replacement of present dishroom floor, etc. ($12,032)

Laboratory - Room Temp Monitor

Number Required: 1
Funds Needed: $3,658.00

Room temperature monitor ($3,658)

Ultra Sound - Upgrade Unit

Number Required: 1
Funds Needed: $8,670.00

Upgrade Ultrasound Unit ($8,670)